Devin Gardner Needs Your Help

From a young age, Devin Gardener knew he wanted to make a living as a storyteller. As such, he says being the director of Get A Way, his BFA thesis project, was “somewhat of a natural position. Now it’s his 21st birthday, and to celebrate he was kind enough to speak with me over the phone and answer some questions about the project. 

Image courtesy of Matthew Planer, copyright 2016

“I guess when i’m on set directing there’s kind of a natural high i get from the experience, which make me want to it more.”

As told by their Facebook page, the film’s Gardner’s building is one about a young man “[returning home] from college only to be stuck in the town he tried to get away from.” The plot follows this character as he “finds himself in the company of new friends finds himself in the company of new friends all with the same goal: escape.”

On writing Get A Way:

“I wanted to tell a story that was both grounded in reality but also sort of a fantasy. So i took elements from both my personal life and Matt Planer’s personal life and used that as the groundwork for telling the story.”

On workshopping the script and loosing creative control:

“Workshopping itself wasn’t that stressful. As I spent more and more time working on [the script] and getting other people’s input– it’s almost like what I wanted to tell became clear to me. It’s been actually putting the film together that has been stressful for both myself, [director of photography] Matt and [producer] Hannah, just because our hands are always full.”


If you’re looking to support the Get A Way team, you can donate on their Indigogo crowdsourcing page, which can be found easily via the project’s Facebook page. In Gardener’s own words, “on that page are many, many [Indigogo] links. We post almost every day.”

So far Gardner and his team have raised $1,715, leaving $6,285 more to raise. If you’d like to help out, visit their Indigogo page here!

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