A Word From The Editor

It’s not often that I write editorial posts, because it’s not that often that I write posts at all. Maybe that’s a flaw, but I have to say that it does make my occasional post a bit more momentous.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.11.35 PM.png

I just wanted to, before the end of the semester, reach out to followers and readers and express my thanks to the school that made all of this possible: Northeastern.

Well, not really. But if they had made that tough call to accept me back in 2013, I probably wouldn’t have ended up where I am today.

There are lots of wonderful and driven people at this school. Some more wonderful and driven than others, some less than most. It was my aim in writing about a few of them that other people would get inspired to take education into their own hands and persevere forward into this scary and uninspired world.

But today I’m going to break the rules a bit. Today marks the day I make my very first blog post to plug something created. That’s right! Under the pressure of deadlines, vanity comes out on top. But I promise it’s worth checking out. I do!31da3a_8210df7339e64320afe478e19924a883.jpg

It’s called You Are Here, WERS’ weekly public affairs program. A lot of work gets put into it, and that’s thanks to a lot of people, myself included. We cover politics, pop culture, high culture, social issues, and much, much more.



If you’ve got a few minutes to kill and want to hear the future NPR reporters of America, I highly –highly– recommend you check out our show from April 3rd, 2016.




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