Oddities/Special Cases

An Exclusive Interview With One of Emerson’s Premiere Makeup Artists

Being a person who doesn’t paint their face, I forget how much goes into women’s (or men’s) makeup– it’s easy to overlook those sorts of things when you aren’t paying attention. Turns out it’s hard. There’s a million little tools, products, and methods behind it, and a lot of patience required. But watching her, Cassia Enright makes it all look as easy as if she were painting the side of a barn. 

A second year student pursuing her own self-designed major in the business and artistry of cosmetics, Enright spends a good amount of time doing makeup for others, in addition to herself. She’s Beauty Director for Em magazine, and moonlights as a freelance makeup artist for weddings, and has a bevy of experience on film sets. But when we meet in the Iwasaki, she’s nothing but humble from start to end.

When did you first fall in love with makeup?

When i was in third grade, I was in the library and found a Bobbi Brown book on the shelf. Every time i had [library class,] i would go in there and read it with your friends and that’d be the only book I read. It was very nineties. This was 2003? Four? I was very young when I first found that book, but I came back every single year, it was an obsession.

What was the name of the book?

It was called Teenage Beauty.*

*editor’s note: if you’re interested, you can buy the original Teenage Beauty here.

But l was always interested in it. I’d sneak into my mom’s makeup whenever she was getting ready for work– I’d watch her get ready for work and then she’d always let me put on red lipstick before she left. It wasn’t until sixth grade that I started to get my own makeup and my mom was very lenient with me, very lenient with putting on makeup.

My father’s biggest moment was when I was in the car going to school doing makeup and packing on silver and black eye shadow and him saying, ‘you’re going to school, not a nightclub– stop this!’ I remember my mom just dismissing him.

What’s been the biggest moment for you at Emerson with beauty/cosmetics?

Doing my IDIP was the biggest moment for me and having that be done and having that being something i set out to do and I knew when I started to look at colleges in early to middle high school.  I knew if I wound up at Emerson, I’d want to design my own major and i’d want it to be something along those lines. Come to fruition a few year later, it was pretty wild


Do you ever feel unappreciated in your time doing fieldwork?


Yeah, sometimes. I think it’s kind of like the nature of the job– to some extent, it can be kind of a side note, last minute thing but at the same time, you’re held to the same standards as everyone else to perform. So it can be frustrating.


Do you have any signature styles or trademarks we should look for?


Whenever i’m doing someone else’s makeup, I want it to be all about them, I’m not really into imposing my own preferences, to some extent.


Only to the sense of seeing what they were trying to accomplish and showing them that ‘this is how it can be achieved!’ But my favorite part of doing someone else’s makeup is making someone feel pretty.


You can check out Cassia’s work in the latest edition of Em Mag, as well as on her Instagram Account.


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